Gucci Mane - #TG3 Intro Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

#TG3 Intro Lyrics
Trap God

[Verse 1]
I'm a trap god trapping out these econo lodge (Gucci!)
Selling weed and selling hard like I'm the god of bars
I'm a trap god sketching plays on blvd
And I'm still selling nicks and splits behind these burglar bars
I'm a trap god them young boys got me paranoid
And I wake up selling cake so I guess I do have a job
I'm a trap god me run out of dope is odd
And you just signed with Brick Squad records
So you just joined the mob
I'm a trap god all these squares in my house
A couple mil' on my couch
If you my spouse and you move in see too much you can't move out
Don't choose me you lose out
Brought the goons out and we gooned out
Hit the move with us get moved out
Nigga try me and I'm shooting out
Tuesday I rock toolie
Usually I got uzis
I'mma pimp see, we had a bond b, but you tried to dj screw me
Gotta bookbag full of oz's, and I ain't finna go to P.E
Get a 3 5 get a 1 5, 8 ball c e t
Ask those who knew me, started off from a QP
I'm much more than a mc, bricks 35 that's KD
These bricks coming from Cali, This mid coming from AZ
Trap hard like 8 3, got 70 in my AP
I'm a trap god

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