Gucci Mane - To Be Loved Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

To Be Loved Lyrics
To be loved
It ain't no in this city
Shit this industry so finicky
I rather f*ck a stripper to be loved
And I'm thuggin in the club
In the hood in the mall anywhere
I do not want to be loved
It's to emotional it's business never personal
I coulda went commercial but that's not what I does
You need a hug lil nigga
You a scrub lil nigga
I'm a shooter I do not want to be loved

[?] reminded you've been blinded
Looking for a squad like mine you can't find it
Quarter brick half a brick whole brick jay
Bricksquad records go hard in the paint
Got my shirt of just like wooh da kid
Ain't nuthing changed bricksquad the shit
Came out repping str8 drop I signed my self now gucci rich
Heavy gonja rolling bricks 200K on promotion
Funny thing about it did it all in just one weekend
Homie wnt to be a soulja but the books are closing
I'm D'd up in my office hit the button curtains open
So you can keep your love baby bust that pussy open
Cause I'm the king of diamonds east atlanta I'm there spokesman
I'm boasting taking pictures posing smoking like a locomotive
Dis man serve since south dakota
Touch down with 100 soldiers
Taking cola taking over should be in a rockin roller
Hall of fame is gucci mane my chain is colder bipolar


These hoes don't love me
There tryna fool me
You cannot trick me... yellow my time piece
Gucci mane I love you I really love me
That's why I'm buying diamonds my flow is that sweet
Gucci mane is so street I love south beach
Shout out to wyclef I love haiti
Shout out to bun b we miss pimp c
I love 8 ball mjg f*ck niggas hate me
F*ck with birt the long way big ups to master p
These lames ain't gotta like me or come and hug me
White girl with me snorting off her car keys
You don't love me nigga you don't love me (I think I love her)
I'm back bitch yea I'm back bitch
Did you miss me or miss my raps bitch
I'm writing history I'm writing history
You niggas OV yea ain't you history


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