Gucci Mane - Trap God Trap God Lyrics

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Trap God Trap God Lyrics
I know selling dope is wrong but I'm the dope man
One side of beans on my plate, I need some steak man
Got mouths to feed and my nigga's got to eat fam
By any means neccesary, we don't give a damn

Praying to the Trap God
To the Trap God
I'm on my knees praying to the Trap God

Life's Hard
Lifes so hard
Put your faith in God and you can be a Trap God

Trap God
I'm a Trap God
The FEDS they try to label me as a Trap Czar

You a Trap God
You a Trap God
Put your faith in God and you can be a Trap God

[Verse 1:]
Big Guwop the Trap God
But I don't think I'm God
Got a Challenger and a Charger ho
Bitch I'm in love with Dodge

I got body kits on all my cars
They hips like Nicki Minaj
And your girlfriends a masseuse
She giving my dick a massage

And don't wear that body suit no more
Cause I'm gonna catch a charge
Multi-Million dollar CEO
Wearing Jordans to his job

Baby sucking my dick while I'm counting a million
She thinking she thinking she smart
The twentys and fiftys and hundreds she pull them apart
So she can keep all of the odds


[Verse 2:]
Am I a bad man cause I feed my fam with the dope?
Call me clearance sale Gucci Everything gotta go
[?] stove guwop T-Shirts for the low
Hella green washing powder Wal-Mart on Gresham road

Man these niggas say they killers
But these niggas just some hoes
Godzilla for a nigga
Cinderella for the hoes

Big Guwop they call me Trap God
Every verse a quote
I'm a walking egg beater
And the dope white like the pope


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