Gucci Mane - Trap Money Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Trap Money Lyrics
[talking: Gucci Mane]
I got trap money dawg,
Real talk, real spit like,
I ain't even gotta rap.
I'm good nigga,
I make hits nigga.
Now da word on da street I work for a mil on da low nigga.
Shawty Lo in this mutha f*cka with me nigga, westside to zone 6 nigga,
Dats wats happenin nigga.

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
You might a wanna rob gucci then that means you wanna die,
Soon ya shop with Shawty Lo, tell me what you wanna buy.
I'm a rapper, slash trapper, and my lyrics so fire,
Every time tha drout come, throw my prices so high.

Give some work to my dawg, told em take it round thurr,
Soon as you get dat cake, bring it right back here.
I got trap money baby, I sip cris, not beers,
I got trap money baby, you can check my ears.

Half a mil for a deal homie why you sign that?
Where I had to go for gola, they will neva find that.
Mix the yay with the soda, it come back that go ohhhh,
Wife beater on shawty, just to show my tattos.

I'm a zone 6 rapper, catch me on that flat,
I ain't talkin to you nigga, less u want a ten pack.
Front that work to my dawg, he gone bring dat money back,
If I front a 100 pounds, he gone bring a 100 stacks.

I got trap money [x3]
20 for a show, but it's really rap money
20 for a whole, and it's really trap money

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Shouts to my amigo, we be talkin real illegoal,
I be like 500 taco homes, 75 burritos
When I talk to my raasta, he like what da bumbaclot?
Twenty thousand pounds, rude boy bring dat to my trap spot

Gotta chinese plug with da pills, no lie,
Every time I shop with him he like hurry up and buy.
Gotta fresh nigga shoppin cause I really don't curr
Get my work and a deal, shawty o contrar'.

Got a muslim nigga coppin that he want a big bomb,
Asa lama lakim, melakim asa lam.
Got a crippled nigga buyin man he really can't walk,
And a nigga using sign language really can't talk.

You might think that shit funny but I'm not a comedian,
Wanna-be trappers seem to lack da ingredients.
Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo, we pushin weight nigga,
I got trap money nigga, I'm a heavy cake nigga


[Verse 3: Shawty Lo]
I'm at da base, and Gucci at da trap house,
I'm in da kitchen and dat shit smellin real loud.
And I ain't use nothin but a lil soda,
Drop a lil water and it jumped back ova

30 minutes, thirty grand,
I'll bake dem cakes, I'm da baker's man.
I'll sell more shoes than baker's man,
I'll dun blow hundreds of grand at vegas man.
I got trap money, I got rap money,
And I don't rap, I finese' da speak,
Do what I want, talk, blow on tje beats
Da blow taught me so I'm a teach da streets


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