Gucci Mane - Turn Around Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Turn Around Lyrics
Savoire fair
You gotta love it!
Gucci mane laflare... (gucci gucci)
Bankrupt records...
This right here...
Savoire fair...
Turn around baby...
Let's do it...
Pimpin ain't easy...

[Verse 1:]
I blow my nose with money
I keep snot on my knots
Drinkin louie 14; 150 a shot
Turn around for me baby; let me see what you got
And you can take them panties off but you can keep on yo top
Ugly boy from da block; 20 bottles to pop
Rolls gold everythang bitch hotter den hot
Drop top benzo in the parking lot
When I leave out da club da whole party stop
50 carats in da charm 15 on da watch
Prince cut pinky ring nigga give me my props
Bow down to the king gucci mane laflare
Extra ordinary player... you aynt gotta stare
If you feel it in yo bones get out cha chair
If you know dat you're fine shake ya derriere
Gucci mane in da house with da savoire fair
Gucci mane in da house with da savoire fair

Turn around baby girl; damn you cute
I aynt tryna come at you like a prostitute;
But you look like da type dat can dance for loot
And I'm just tryna really chill and have some dranks with you
Nice to meet ya baby!
I can't follow you around I'm a leader baby!
I'm the papa won't you be my mamasita baby?
Is it me talkin to you or da reefer baby?
Please believe me baby!

GUCCI! so fruity! hoes askin me; is dat da gucci?
I'll make a friday outta tuesday...
Youse a gucci girl; girl you aynt no groupie!
You can roll with me; come and roll with me...
Only dime piece's ride in my passenger seat
2 seat benze... you so sexy!
These hoodrat hoes don't impress me!
Let's go jet ski! fine? you best be!
Dats da only way you get a autograph from me!
You can come a take a... bubble bath with me...
But you gotta be... a dime piece; indeed!

Turn arooooooooooooound turn aroooooooound

Turn around baby! turn around baby!
Turn around baby! turn around baby!
Now turn arooooound!

Damn lil mama! you so fine I could kiss yo momma!
... know you gotta man; but yo man aynt here!
And all dat ass... I SWEAR!
Turn around for Gucci Mane Laflare!
I aynt even hit it yet... but I'm really diggin it!
Know she from da hood; cause she had on a vicki dress...
I was super duper fresh!
Baby blue inset
Fruity apple drons think I bought em off the internet
Yea you got a man; but he ain't gucci mane!
And he can't spend a grand; pop you with da ruber band
Rolls gold watch with da rangs to match
Gotta bitch from da block; no strings attached!
If you scratch me baby; I'm a scratch you back!
Gotta big fat sack of da gangsta thrax.
Now turn around...

Hot lanta baby!

Turn arooooooooound!

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