Gucci Mane - Turn Back Time Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Turn Back Time Lyrics
I'm turned up now, I can't turn round
I wish theres some way that I can turn back time
I've learned my lesson, I've served my time
I had so many turns, I lost so much time
I used to serve everybody now I'm a turn them down
So when ya turn come better turn up wise
Never turn my back, I can turn some round
And I can take some long terms 'cause I'm on my grind

I hope my momma pray everyday, I don't got to prison
They say my little boy was deaf, but when I talk why he listen
I might buy me 50 bricks and just get back in the business
How I was raised you can't come in, just can't come into the kitchen
Scooter signed with Gucci Mane, that was a better decision
I know Future mad but man, that shit there come with the business
I got so much money on me I can't hold up my britches
Georgia aquarium type of nigga man I f*ck with them fishes
I don't give a nigga one chance to f*ck with my riches
And I can't have no stylist round me, I don't f*ck with no sissies
And if you dissin' me then diss me and be very specific
And I'm not dissin' I'm just talking numbers, grams and statistics
Its Gucci


Three time losers, known drug users
Active game bangers, man I run with shooters
Rolex watches, new Frank Muller's
I bought a gold medusa belt, just to hold my trues up
Bad bitch in every city just to tie my shoes up
Don't bring your chick around me cus the bitch might choose up
I remember Big Cat tried to f*ck my deal up
And if they give me 50 years, I'm still gone hold my chin up
So Icey Boys remember bitches used to f*ck all ten of 'em
Ask Waka everything I said, I bet I held my end up
Remember black magic, I almost shot up [?]
When I used to sell dope to raise my rent up


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