Gucci Mane - Turn Up Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Turn Up Lyrics
[Hook - Gucci Mane:]
Everything turnt up on my end
Bought my Bentley where your Benz should have been
I'm going in and my friends can't get in
Like 50 Cent man I'm hated by many men
But everything piped up on my end
Park my Rari where your Vic could have been
And there's a dot where your neck could have been
Leaning small that's a check walking in

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane:]
See everything turnt up on my end
I rock Versace that Medusa head man
You can't go in the hood but Gucci Mane can
In Birmingham got El Chapo gang plan
Two kilo grams I'm in Gucci Grand down
Man I don't give a damn twenty grand
I can make a fan make you murk your man
Gucci ham just like Vietnam
That shit bought a lamb
Kitchen contempt so many yams I'm getting overwhelmed
Buy a key I cooked it up for free
Giving youngin game while I'm whipping up a half a B
You didn't buy from me
Residue all on my AP cost me 90 G's
[?] talking 93, trap right across the street


[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Ring ring ring it's money on my line
I be getting bands out the Benz
A f*ck nigga try me then he die
Nigga better stand where he stand
I want some Hennessy she want some wine
I told that bitch to get with the Klan
We wanna drink that shit with some ice
I told that bitch to get with the shits
They say I was getting fatter with the Sprite
But now I don't do that shit
I be popping X all night
Me and the crew ass shit
I get it
Wherever I look at
What you looking at I got five Glocks in the bookbag
I'm cooking
And they're still cooking
Free Wop that's what I named my line when they took him
Free Slick
Come around your block niggas get free shit
Free shells, free hits, 2-4 BD shit
Ray Charles I don't see shit
Stevie Wonder with keys bitch
Guarantee I won't drop my gun if I do then I'mma leave it
Cause I got on gloves, and I ain't going nothing
It's a throw away, I got plenty of
Niggas is suspect, me I am success
Fifty thousand dollars for a show and I dumped it


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