Gucci Mane - We Cocky Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

We Cocky Lyrics
What's hannin
Trap niggas stand up man
Money on deck nigga
Work on deck nigga

[Verse 1:]
Paint my car with the tip of my finger nail [x3]
Wanna shop with me den buy you a bigger scale
Wanna cop choppers plenty of them call me
I got more got damn guns den an army
So icey entertainment soldiers cocky it ain't it
We don't want a sign jus make ya famous
So many rings on I need another pinky
I hit more balls then Wilt the Chamberlain
I'm armed black rich and I'm extra dangerous
I'm handsome [? ] and almost famous
I'm working with the fork and the sides I'm scrappin
I burn and turn and the crack is cajun
Ya auntie Hittie said it's amazing
Ya uncle Ponjo playstaion
Da dopeman got on new baileys
I slammed on bricks my plug throwed in alley
I sharp me caviar kush and salad
The coke from Venezuela but the kush from Cali
I million dollar worth of karrots got the jealous
But there ain't nothing that a hater can tell us

[Chours: x2]
We cocky ya bitch we cocky
Watch, ring, chain you know that were poppin
Young jockey with all swag so cocky
Pockets so fat it makes us more cocky

[Verse 2:]
They can't tax me
What you gone tax me
Ask me
I sell chicken like Zaxbys
Stacks and racks and Franklin's and Jackson's
Packs and bells we sell the white dragons
I'm a talking brick they need to unwrap me
God take my breath if gucci not trappin
65 pounds of mid in my magnum
Kane same color as baby girls dandruff
Kush same color as baby boy [? ]
Purp same color as Adrian Petterson [? ]
Dog is a Falcon black red white diamonds
Same height and same weight as a lineman
Pull up in a donk and gave yo [? ] a hiesman
Touchdown in the 6 and I'm dancin like [? ]
That's my [? ]
That's my [? ]
That's my Ak homicide
YEAAAAAA that's gucci's favorite line man

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