Gucci Mane - What Kinda King? (I Smell Pussy) (T.I. Diss) Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

What Kinda King? (I Smell Pussy) (T.I. Diss) Lyrics
Pussy.pussy.pussy.pussy.ppussy.nigga you a pussy.

[Verse 1:]
Waht kinda king throw a birthday bash in the midddle of the summer with some f*ckin leather pants. what kinda nigga skit in a slut bitch that every rapper hit suck everybody dick. what kinda king try to squash the beef then apologize for it on national t.v. see that's homeboy tryna be so hard I'm a grown ass man you a lil bitty boy.what street nigga wear three piece suites with cufflinks, tiesand dubble bag shoes. say it ain't so naw say it ain't true bitch nigga I be on bankhead more than you do. I'm a east carolina hard head respect my crew and respect my grind bitch we gotta eat too. say you gotta click of fools all my goons were pay. I'm a so icy boss all the soldiers wear a train

[Verse 2:]
What kinda nigga post a hundred dollar bail same day his albulm drop man they let him out of cell. what kinda nigga don't need no deal no money no cars just to show he real. what kinda nigga is you, you lil lizard. lil junior aka the monkey in the middle. TIP tell TI to step it up a little cause the boy too little and his bones to brittle. biaatch! say it just like short. before you come bless cause he short. goota pot gotta fork got some back up in new york I'm a so icy judge pussy let's hold court.

[Verse 3:]
The king wanna battle me. pussy wanna handle me. schinzofrantic child with a split personality. TI will you please tell TIP I got a new 40 with a 30 round cllip. when I see him he lose I'm a shot him off the rip. tryna start rap beef that's how niggas get killed. gucci lookin at him, the fight not fair. we can start it over here we can finish over there. I'm in majic city shawty see me swang in the chair. yeahhh. it's gucci mane la flar. I'm in majic city shawty see me slang in the chair. yeahhh. it's some pussy's over there. Gucci.

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