Gucci Mane - You Gon Love Me Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

You Gon Love Me Lyrics
[Intro: DJ Scream & Verse Simmonds]
Baby you gon love me
Baby you gon love me
Baby you gon love me

[Hook: Verse Simmonds]
We ain't lookin at the price tag, f*ck that
Baby if you like that, you get that
You gon love me, you gon love me
You gon love me, you gon love me
See I got enough to get your life right
Money make you come, we gon' be f*ckin' all night
You gon love me, you gon love me
You gon love me, you gon love me

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I can't lie, I'm into you
Baby what you finna do?
Yea I'm on some other shit
My hoes don't wear no tennis shoes
I put you on the money, baby roll with me you never lose
I'll take you to an island, fly you places you ain't never flew
Every day's a business move, your boyfriend tighter than a drum
I'm richer than the average nigga, baby I wouldn't lie to you
When I say you fine as f*ck, baby girl I ain't tryna flatter you
But your boyfriend is a rainbow and he tryin to overshadow you
Gucci Mane splatter you, I'm the one she walkin to
I'm sippin' Absolute, I change the longitude and latitude
Bitch show me some gratitude, what's up with this attitude?
You mad these bitches jockin me, they met me 'cause I'm jockin' you


[Verse 2: Verse Simmonds]
I got that Rolex, morn sex, big dick, 4x
Sodomize you in the bedroom, got you seeing something, it's iTunes
Then hit the rest of this bottle, get f*cked up and I got you
We gon tear them all up, the baller call up, choppa tellin you a wife
Soon as you hit the door they gon Kodak, expensive shit and they know that
I keep you fly like you owe that
Louie always in contact
Some say I score you but I can't afford to
We getting money, we getting money
10-17 and it's time to
Turn up, roll out, burn up til I'm so stuck
Poppin bands, I got Rollies
F*ckin nigga so loaded
It's whatever you like yea, it's whatever you like
Just know you shop til you drop and we gonna f*cking tonight


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