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Gwar Lyrics
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From the Album Bloody Pit Of Horror (2010) (buy at

Zombies, March!
Come The Carnivor
A Gathering Of Ghouls
Storm Is Coming
Beat You To Death
You Are My Meat
Hail, Genocide!
KZ Necromancer
The Litany Of The Slain
Sick And Twisted

From the Album Lust in Space (2009) (buy at

Lust In Space
Let Us Slay
Damnation Under God
The UberKlaw
Lords And Masters
Metal Metal Land
The Price Of Peace
Where Is Zog?
Make A Child Cry
Release The Flies
Parting Shot

From the Album Beyond Hell (2006) (buy at
Beyond Hell
War Is All We Know
Murderer's Muse
Go To Hell!
I Love The Pigs
Eighth Lock
The Ultimate Bohab
The One That Will Not Be Named
Back In Crack
School's Out

From the Album War Party (2004) (buy at

Bring Back The Bomb
Womb With A View
Decay Of Grandeur
War Party
Bonesnapper (The Faces Of The Slain)
Lost God
The Reaganator
The Bonus Plan
You Can't Kill Terror
Fistful Of Teeth

From the Album Violence Has Arrived (2001) (buy at

Battle Lust
Abyss Of Woe
The Apes Of Wrath
Immortal Corrupter
Beauteous Rot
Bloody Mary
The Wheel
The Song Of Words
Happy Death Day

From the Album We Kill Everything (1999) (buy at

Baby Raper
The Performer
Escape From The Mooselodge
Tune From Da Moon
Jiggle The Handle
Nitro-Burnin' Funny Bong
My Girly Ways
The Master Has A Butt
We Kill Everything
Penile Drip
Mary Anne
F*ckin' An Animal

From the Album Carnival Of Chaos (1997) (buy at

Penguin Attack
Lets Blame The Lightman
First Rule Is
Endless Apocalypse
Billy Bad Ass
I Hate Love Songs
Message From The Scallop Boat
Preschool Prostitute
If I Could Be That
In Her Fear
Back To Iraq
I Suck On My Thumb
The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
Gonna Kill U
Sex Cow
Antarctican Drinking Song
Don't Need A Man

From the Album Ragnarok (1995) (buy at

Meat Sandwich
The New Plague
Dirty, Filthy
Stalin's Organs
My Knife If Yer Guts
Think Ya Outta Know This
Fire In The Lions
Surf Of Syn
Crush, Kill, Destroy
None But The Brave

From the Album This Toilet Earth (1994) (buy at

Saddam A Go-Go
Penis I See
Eat Steel
Jack The World
Bad Bad Men
The Insidious Sililquay Of Skulhed Face
The Issue Of Tissue (Spacecake)
Pocket Pool
Slap U Around
Krak Down
Filthy Flow
The Obliteration Of Flab Quarv 7

From the Album America Must Be Destroyed (1993) (buy at

Ham On The Bone
Crack In The Egg
Have You Seen Me?
The Morality Squad
Gilded Lily
Poor Ole Tom
Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good
The Road Behind
Pussy Planet

From the Album Scumdogs Of The Universe (1990) (buy at

The Salaminizer
Sick Of You
The Years Without Light
King Queen
Horror Of Yig
Vlad The Impaler
Black And Huge
Love Surgery
Death Pod
Cool Place To Park

From the Album Hell-O (1988) (buy at

Time For Death
I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
Slutman City
World O' Filth
War Toy
Captain Crunch
Pure As The Arctic Snow
Je M'appelle J. Cousteau
Gwar Theme
Bone Meal
Ollie North
Techno's Song
U Ain't Shit
Rock & Roll Party Town
Black And Huge

Other Songs:
F#cking An Animal
Immortal Corruptor
Message from the Scallop Boat
Song Of Words
Surf On Syn

Gwar Info:

Gwar is a satirical thrash metal band formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1984. The band is well known for its elaborate science fiction/horror film inspired costumes, obscene lyrics and graphic stage performances, which feature humorous enactments of politically and morally taboo themes. -Wikipedia

Richmond, Virginia

Thrash metal

Years active:
1984-present (On Hiatus)

Associated acts:
Dave Brockie Experience, Death Piggy, X-Cops, White Cross, Kepone, Rigor Mortis, Green Jell├┐, Burden Brothers

Name Origin:
GWAR is an acronym for "God! What an Awful Racket!"

Brent Purgason (Pustulus Maximus) -
lead guitar, background vocals

Mike Derks (Balsac the Jaws of Death) -
rhythm guitar, background vocals

Jamison Land (Beefcake the Mighty) -
bass, background vocals

Brad Roberts (Jizmak Da Gusha) -
drums, percussion

Past Members:
Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus)
Founding member and fontman
(vocals and previously guitar)
born August 30, 1963, died March 23, 2014 at the age of 50

Slymenstra Hymen
Techno Destructo
Nippleus Erectus
Johnny Slutman
Joey Slutman
Mr. Magico
Lee Baeto
Stephen Sphincter
Cornealius Carnage
Hans Orifice
Hans Sphincter

Danny Black
Mike Bonner
Davis Bradley III
Hunter Jackson

First known line-up:
Ben Eubanks (vocals)
Dave Brockie (guitar)
Steve Douglas (guitar)
Chris Bopst (bass guitar)
Sean Sumner (drums)
Hunter Jackson

Did You Know:
• GWAR "slaves" design costumes, mix records, and run Slave Pit Records

• Slave Pit Records is the music label owned by members of GWAR

• Oderus Urungus was the only character to have existed in every incarnation of Gwar, having started as a guitar player, then moving to bass, and finally the vocals.

Gwar Quotes:
Can you believe that Oderus Urungus has a cell phone? That sucks! What the f*** do you want? Sure, f*** yeah, interview me! (Pause) Do you want the Dave Brockie behind the scenes interview, or do you want to have Oderus Urungus yell at you the whole time?
Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie

We are in lovely New York City Manhattan. We finally made it back after not playing here for years. After Giuliani cleaned up all the porno out of Times Square, his next order of business was banishing Gwar from Manhattan. He did everything to keep us out of here, even going so far as blowing up the Twin Towers, Gwar's favorite landmark. But it hasn't worked, and we have triumphed and we are back to lay waste to this f***ing city.
Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie

It means we will annihilate and exterminate the human race and blow the planet into chunks, then float away into outer space where we belong. Of course, we say this every year, and every year we fail miserably.
Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie (on the meaning of Gwar)

"That's the advantage when you're immortal; I look forward to millions of years of making music. It's all tears in the eyes of god."
Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie

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