Inspectah Deck Lyrics

Inspectah Deck Lyrics

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From the Album Manifesto (2010) (buy at
Tombstone Intro
The Champion
Born Survivor
This Is It
Luv Letter
The Big Game
Really Real
Serious Rappin'
Gotta Bang
Brothaz Respect

From the Album The Resident Patient (2006) (buy at
The Resident Patient
Sound Of The Slums
What They Want
Get Ya Weight Up
It's Not A Game
My Style
All I Want Is Mine
A Lil Story
Get Down Wit Me
No Love
Grits - Freestyle
Do My Thang
Handle That
Animal Rights
H.G. Is My Life

From the Album The Movement (2003) (buy at
The Movement
City High
That Shit
Get Right
The Movement
Who Got It
It's Like That
Shorty Right There
U Wanna Be
Bumpin And Grindin
The Stereotype
That Nigga
Big City
Cradle To The Grave

From the Album Uncontrolled Substance (1999) (buy at
Uncontrolled Substance
Movas & Shakers
9th Chamber
Uncontrolled Substance
Femme Fatale
The Grand Prix
Forget Me Not
Word On The Street
Lovin You
Trouble Man
R.E.C. Room
Show N Prove
The Cause

Other Songs:
Execute Them
Harbor Masters (From "Wu-Tang Chamber Music" Compilation)
He's A Rebel
House Nigga (Joe Budden Diss)
Kill Too Hard (From "Wu-Tang Chamber Music" Compilation)
Killa Beez
Never Feel This Pain
Nightshift (Appeared on promo (radio) copies of "U.Substance")
Semi-Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket (From "High School High" Soundtrack)
Settlement (Appeared on promo (radio) copies of "U.Substance")
Sound The Horns (From "Wu-Tang Chamber Music" Compilation)
Swordplay Remix
You Already Know (From "Afro Samurai: Resurrection" Soundtrack)

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