Iron Maiden - Fear Is The Key Lyrics

Iron Maiden Lyrics

Fear Is The Key Lyrics
We live our lives in fever
In chooking sweat of fear
In the heart of the night you can feel so much
In the heat of the night I scream "Don't touch"

I remember a time when we used and abused
And we fought all our battles in vain
I remember a time we thought that passion was free
In the heart of the night... bodies aflame

We live in fever...

I hear your secret heartbeat
I can hear your silent cries
The kids have lost their freedom
And nobodey cares till somebodey famous dies...


Now we live, in a world of uncertanity
Fear is the key - to what you whant to be
You don't get a say the majority gets it's way
You're outnumbered by the bastards till the day you die...

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