Iron Maiden - Judas Be My Guide Lyrics

Iron Maiden Lyrics

Judas Be My Guide Lyrics
Lights out - We live in a world of darkness
No doubt - Everything's up for sale
We sleep - All of the world is burning
We pray - To god for better deal
Nothing is sacred - Bak then or now
Everything's wasted...
Is that all there is ?
Can I go now ?

Judas my guide
Whisperes in the night
Judas my guide

Fight wars - Die in a blaze of glory
Come home - Meat in a plastic sack
Fall down - Better pray to your god for mercy
So kneel - and help the blade cut clean
Nothing is sacred - Back then or now
Everyone's wasted...
Is that all there is ?
Is that it now ?

I live in the black
I have no guiding light
I'm whispering in your dreams...

[Chorus 2x]

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