Satellite 15 Lyrics by Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Lyrics

Satellite 15 Lyrics
I try to call the Earth's command
Desperation in my voice
I'm drifting way off course now
With very little choice

The loneliness is hard to bear
I try to calm my fear
Just hoping any second now
Some contact filters through

Desperate calls...
Signal back from Satellite
As my life flashes right in front of me

Try again... must get through
Hear me now...
For I've very little time

Not much time... hear my call
Please get through... I am here

I'm stranded in Space
I'm lost without trace
I haven't a chance of getting away

Too close to the Sun
I surely will burn
Like Icarus before me
Or so legend goes

I think of my life
Reliving my past
There's nothing but wait 'til my time comes

I've had a good life
I'd do it again
Maybe I'll come back
Some time afresh

For I have lived my life to the full
I have no regrets
But I wish I could talk to my family
To tell them one last goodbye

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