Jason Aldean - Tattoo's On The Town Lyrics

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Tattoo's On The Town Lyrics
There's still black marks on that county road
Where we drag raced our pickups, and mustangs
And weathered all the sun and rain
And to this day up on that overpass
Even underneath the new paint, you can still see
Ali will you marry me
Take a ride, look around, and there ain't no doubt

It sure left its mark on us
We sure left our mark on it
We let the world know we were here
With everything we did
We laid a lot of memories down
Like tattoos on this town

There's still a rope burn on that oak branch
That hangs over the river, I still got the scar
From swingin' out a little too far
There ain't a corner of this hallowed ground
That we ain't laughed or cried on
It's where we loved, lived and learned real stuff
It's everything we're made of


Everywhere there we are
It hits me right, in my heart


And we'll always be hanging around
Like tattoos on this town
Like tattoos on this town

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