Jason Aldean - This I Gotta See Lyrics

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This I Gotta See Lyrics
I can't count the barns I've past,
Painted red, white and black,
See rock city,
And up ahead there's a turn,
Take me right through Gatlinberg,
I hear it's pretty,

Maybe some other time,
I can't slow down,
Right across that state line,
Right about now,

Her hairs still wet from her bath,
Shes sitting on her front porch with a glass,
Of iced tea,
In my sweat shirt,
And her bare feet,
This I gotta see,
If I hurry I can catch,
The colors on her skin from that sunset,
And her face,
And that love waiting on me,
This I gotta see,
This I gotta see,

I cant wait to get to her,
Man I wish I were,
There already,
Shes the only thing that keeps,
This world from driving me,

I just hit that city limit,
Yeah and that a pretty good sign,
If I pick It Up a bit,
I'll be right on time,


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