Jason Aldean - Too Much You For Me Lyrics

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Too Much You For Me Lyrics
Funny thing about a small town.
Your life goes by as your drivin' out.
The house you were livin' in the barn that we did it in.
Girl I just wanna forget it now
Never thought a couple headlights would light up a town so bright
Our names a little faded in the saddle we painted makes me baby wanna turn around

Hey this town is too much you for me
I can't live around all these memories
I see you every where I look it's somethin' I don't wanna see
girl this town is too much you for me

Just passed x of 25 we used to slip out there
Friday night watchin the sun go down with the radio loud
drownin' out the sound of being turned on
I thought hose days would never end
but lookin back now they sure did
I was still livin' it every night every minute
and girl I swear I gotta move on

[Chorus 2x]

Is too much you for me

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