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1/4 Block Lyrics
I remember being posted up on the 1st and the 3rd
Just re'd up, nigga got a 9 piece
All the while fantasizing, visualizing, comin' through in a Benz
With a dimepiece
Audemar what that time piece say
Audemar what that time piece say
Know it ain't shit, swing by the Federal boot camp
Shit, whip it like it's cream brulee
Straight drop that glass, whipped cream, watch them eat it up like dessert
Broad day, call it Draya
Almost caught me on the camera nigga makin' it twerk
'Magine me with the Kenmore stove
With the Pyrex goin' berserk
Show up in the khaki Dickies suit, with the Tims on like "I'm going to work"

That quarter block
All about getting that quarter block
Started with the rocks in a slab
Then I moved up on the Ave
Hit them up with that quarter block
Yeaaaahhhh, that quarter block
All about getting that quarter block
250 straight, 9 piece straight drop
Yeah, I'm 'bout to hit these niggas with a quarter block

I'm the undisputed track king, talkin' straight cash shit like Mayweather
I was 15 on The Money Team, whip a nigga ass like Mayweather
Young nigga, 14 for the half from the big homie, didn't know better
Old niggas taxing didn't stop shit, cuz a young nigga got mo' cheddar
This work shit is in my resume
Brand new chickens all day like I'm Chick-Fil-A
Spot open up, weed given on the weekend
Even on Sunday unlike Chick-Fil-A
Don't you want a 9 piece wing my nigga?
Lowkey, tryna be seen my nigga
Run through the check, that's the protocol
34 walls, threw 'em a promoter dog


Said I'm sitting here
Staring at the bottom of this Visionware
And I swear I can see my dreams
As the water boil, see a little clearer
Eyes red, nigga might need some Visine
Game got a nigga head throbbing, nigga might need some Advil
Feds picked up my nigga and his baby mama
Last night shit was mad real
Scared to go to church
Throw him an iced out cross, then I hit the club
Threw both hands over both my eyes in the court room so I can't see the judge
I made miracles with that soda babe
Yea I suppose with that yola babe
Cash Money in my projects, since a Juvenile
Like the Nolia baby


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