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Birds Could Talk Lyrics
If them birds could talk
If them birds could talk
If them birds could talk
If them birds could talk

I got a call from my nigga, he say them pigeons is in
I'm on my way, say no more, hey matter fact hold me ten
Hopped in my lowkey Grand Prix, hey I ain't blinking, I'm focused
Had an adrenaline rush, I can envision them potions
Look like a scene off of blow, some shit from behind the scenes
Shit gone make channel five, cover of [?] magazine
Got the front yard looking like a dealership
Like a Gallardo, came with the membership
Million dollar house and not a couch in sight
Must've seen 100 units, not an ounce in sight
If you think that's motivation, let me give you more
Millions stacked up like an air mattress, they must sleep on the floor


We on top of the world, feel like nothing can stop us
Type shit that had DEA across the street with binoculars
It's so much blow in this bitch, you'll catch a contact from breathing
So much paper in this bitch, you'll think that these niggas reading
They got that Pac on blast, duffel bags on bags
It's like those [?] keep chirping, you got to see this in person
Ain't got a lot of your homes, niggas on satellite phones
Now who the f*ck do you know that turn the satellite on
I'm talking shit with the drums, it's like the clip got extensions
So many blunts in the air, look like a swisher convention
If that ain't motivation well let me give you some more
Paper stacked like air mattress, they all must sleep on the floor

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