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Black Eskimo Lyrics
All the nigga talk 'bout bricks and birds
Chinchilla shit, nigga his and hers
AP, Rolex, he's a professional
They call him Snowman bitch, the Black Eskimo

In a black full length mink, getting this money
Try to stop me, lay you down like a perm nigga
IPhone on you hoes, taking selfies at the store
Strike a pose with them hoes like "look at me!"
'04, '05, little nigga, I was getting tight money, don't fold up
2 door, 250
Bitch you better open my door when I roll up
Had them coming to Atlanta for the Hawks
Had the ticket, was the man in the city
Had the city so motherf*ckin hot
Damn near bought a fan for my city
What ya talkin' bout
Used to get money with the milli, OG said sell with
If he tell you anything
Then he'll tell you nigga that I ain't ever tell shit
Ain't no need to be excited, I ain't ever been indicted
Pussy nigga I ain't told shit
The nerve of you niggas, signed with these rappers that never sold shit
Had that Rolls gold, Rose Bowl
Jacob all Rose gold everything (Trinidad!)
Talkin' 'Rarri 430 with the piping on the seat, it was everything
Nigga made a quarter mil at the Texaco
Took his thing in the club like he's Plaxico
Always fresh from head to toe
Know his name in the mall nigga? Every Sto'


I ain't talk to be talking
I don't to just talk
Snow say something y'all better listen up
You going in your bag, what you goin' by your jeweler
Nigga you icing out your wrist or what?
Yeah, I got a few trophies
Bitch that Hublot looking like a Heisman
I'm so motherf*cking high up in this bitch
I swear I'm thinking 'bout diving
5 quarters on chill
Wrist looking like it's real, nigga Mike Jones (who?)
You gone learn 'bout this niggas
Loaned sperm out these niggas
What they is nigga? my clone
Gotta keep the grass cut
Keep your eyes on these snake ass niggas cuz they pythons
The God of this bitch, the MJ of this shit
And you can tell these niggas Mike home
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