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Jeezy Lyrics

Everything Back Lyrics
I'm bringing back that black bandana
Tucked tailor arm hammer, a hundred deep in [?]
Every club in Atlanta
Man the shit off in this bowl got me helicopter high
But this shit off in this bowl keep me helicopter fly
Kellogg's on the scale, turnt the clientele
We talking blowing money fast, I live to tell the tale
Sold my Chevy, pulled up in that 9 11
The bricks was 22, that's two 9s for 11
All white, tan, Amber Rose
I'm talking 36's white as Russel [?]
Water whipping, bag it, flip it
If you can pull up, get em 9, that'd be terrific

[Hook - Jeezy & Young Dolph:]
I'm bringing everything back
Flew out of town, stole the pack
I pray to god it make it back
I'm bring everything back
Sold it all then doubled back
And spend it on another sack
I'm bringing everything back
F*ck bitches, get money
Stay away from all the rats
I'm bringing everything back
Pumping all this weight got me copping coupes back to back

[Young Dolph:]
Pull up at the crib, welcome to the gangster party
Nothing in my driveway but Porsches, Benzes and Ferarris
They talk it, I live it, they rap it, I did it
I wrapped it and shipped it, ran up a half a ticket
Bought it in Compton and sold that shit in South Memphis
Hit my first lick and moved mama out the hood
Son's trap booming hard so mama living good
You ever counted so much paper that you got scared
You ever cashed the plug out, 300 big head
Connect said where's the weight, I said I'm on the way


[Bankroll Fresh:]
Water, stove, bowl, lock
I'm in this motherf*cker, rolling [?] blocks
I got the kill tec on me nigga, right now
And when you pull up to the spot, had to ride em out
Vacuum, sealer, press em, seal em
Give me your cashier in advance, address and I'mma send em
You ain't got no f*cking plug, you niggas working in the middle
You ain't got no f*cking plug, you niggas working with a [?]
Trap nigga in Balenciagas, my bitch a problem, nigga what's the problem
[?] charge you at full throttle, new hellcat, me and Mike Dodger
Me and Snow and my nigga Carbon got the carbon on him with the cartridge on it
Happy days, free Boosie Boo
Real street money, nigga we salute

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