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F*ck The World Lyrics
[Hook: August Alsina (Jeezy)]
When these streets is all you know
(All you know baby)
It's hard to tell whose a friend or a foe
(No question)
All I need is a beautiful girl
(Yeah wassup)
So me and her, can f*ck the world
Middle finger with our legs in the air
Gettin' money so it's hard to care
(It's hard to care baby)
All I need is a beautiful girl
So me and her, can f*ck the world

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
She like, it be on all night a lil' [?]
And once we get together ain't nothin' you can tell me
One thing about my g, she might just bring a friend
And when the night started, sometimes it never end
(Here we go)
I said she grown, just the way I like that
And she open minded, just the way I like that
I like the way she touch me, she do it so mature
Bet I can make her lust me, I'm a hundred percent sure
And even from the start, she seemed so hesitant
We here now, long time coming that was evident
She want me I want her, think that's an attraction
Yeah she 'bout that life though, baby 'bout that action
That's what I told her

[Bridge: Jeezy]
I tell her that I need her, she don't believe that
I miss her when she go like "Where my g at"
In a league of her own, she a bad one
Never felt like this, you never had one
(She bad, I'm fly, we high, and the shit we on nigga fo' life till we die
Till we die, came from the bottom to sing for the sky
If it's mother f*ck the world, put your fingers up high, yeah)


[Verse 2: Jeezy]
I said she never been to college, got brains
And one thing about it, IQ is insane
My g gon' keep it up, she ain't gon' let it be
Then once she get it started, it might not never end
Hit her on the late night, tell her that I'm 'bout to fall through
Said it's been waitin' on you nigga, get us all you
She got a little paper, might just tell her "Let me hold some"
I said I'm on my way, you just go ahead and roll one
She said just come through, and I'mma roll a few
And make it stand tall, then I'mma roll on you
If she was Bonnie, I be Clyde, we been down since way back
Swear them lips will be illegal, they addictive like crack (haha)
That's what I told her


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