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Gangsta Shit Lyrics
[Hook - Shy Glizzy:]
Gangster shit, gangster shit
Niggas keep talking all this gangster shit
You never did nothing nigga, you ain't seen shit
So why you keep talking all this gangster shit
Gangster shit, gangster shit
Niggas keep talking all this gangster shit
Throw it out the window, nigga we ain't tryna hear it
Glizzy keep on making all that gangster shit

[Shy Glizzy:]
Gangster nigga, I need a gangster bitch
30 in the [?], that's a gangster clip
Glizzy coming through here in a gangster whip
I only speak to niggas with a gun on their hip
Rappers sneak dissing, still can't get a deal
My whole team living, you don't know how it feel
It's either music murder or I'm going to jail
Sometimes I be like f*ck this shit, let me get back in the field
My dogs with ski masks, know they hit and no they don't just wear it
Bitch I brought my own scale, here you go, you can weigh it
I got bullets same size as a bitch nigga head
We hop out that [?] spread, that's when we get to spraying


Gangster nigga, move how the gangsters move
Want a crib like John [?] with a gangster pool
Penthouse in the city with a gangster view
I mean that bitch all glass, bad bitch all ass
Sell that steel in the tape, now that's a gangster flip
Four on the backseat, now that's a gangster trip
Rolls Ghost, sky dwelling, now that's gangster nigga
Carbon rifle with the drum, that bitch will paint you nigga
Gangster bitch about her business, why I be f*cking with shawty
Plus I love my bro, bro that nigga keep that forty
Blue big face hundreds on your dog like fleas
Sitting on Italian leather, ordered this overseas
All my niggas in the pen or they dead
Had to pay for a couple funerals, sent some bread to the feds
Gave me a bag full of ones so I guess you want to play
It was rush hour traffic, I was busting broad day

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