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I Might Lyrics
[Hook - Rich Homie Quan x4:]
I might pull up in that wraith
I might pull up 4 5 8
I might pull up on your bitch
But I won't do nothing that she say
I might f*ck her for no reason
I might change up for the season
I might drop the top on the beamer
Who you with my niggas, Jeezy
I might, I might
I might, I might
Pull up on a nigga, hundred thousand in my pocket
Pull up on a nigga, flex, you know I got it
But I might

I might just get back on my block shit
I might just get back on my blood shit
Just me [?], yeah we chasing billions
City of [?], my bitch she look Brazilian
Might just whip two halves, two nines, and hit the block
Might just go on tour nigga, get the gwap
Carbon with the drum, shit look like a violin
Balling like Diego, might just buy an island
Call me paranoid, don't move without my sniper
Ferrari California, pull up like a diaper
If they 22 I might just go back, get the blocks
New [?], I might just go back, hit the top


I might just pull up, come through, take all the shine
Two door to four door, can't make up, can't make up, can't make up my mind
Might just pull up in a Wraith, left the Ghost at the crib nigga
3 4 more in the lot at the house where I live nigga
Big boy living in my city like the Hollywood stars ho
Talking bout the next [?] ain't even left my garage ho
Young start moving that weight, then my money got swole nigga
Came through in that [?] wide as a [?] nigga
I might just fill up my watch, I might do chains on chains
Might just go buy some new 40s, I'm talking things on things
Just got a call, they 22 [?] is not even hot
Some niggas done hit em and slid em, stepped on em, they might never drop


[Rich Homie Quan:]
I might, spend a hundred thousand
On this shit that I don't care about
She asking me bout my whereabouts
I don't, owe you no explanation
I don't care bout what you thinking
But I can't f*ck with it if I don't benefit

I might nigga
I might get on this Avion
Might roll me one
Might roll me two three or four nigga
Like for real nigga
We might nigga
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