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Money To Blow (Remix) Lyrics
I am on a 24 hour purp kush diet,
Clubbing while I'm blowing nigga,
Maybe you should try it,
I'm only just saying this cause I don't have to buy it,
My homeboy supply it,
That's why I'm on that high shit,
I am what everybody in my past still want me to be,
You know I saw what everybody in my past didn't what me to see,
Damn right I made it,
Ask me how I did it,
Look I was so committed,
God damn, came a long way from [?]
Now I'm here, tell me what can they say though,
It's stretching like playdough,
We catch it, damn right I'm a beast,
Yeah you know I don't play though,
Get toast, get toast, no toaster,
Till ya'll made of eggo,
Get it in, yeah stack it all up,
Like a nigga playin lego,
Playing pringles,
Call me young iTunes,
Now used to sell singles,
Now bring it all back,
Bring it back like that,
28 like bingo,
Moet used to get so wet,
Used to call the girl Nemo, can't lie,
Get me hard as a brick,
Just call the boy Yayo,
She in love, she in love with a dick,
See my boy need a halo,
Can't lie, got a new bad bitch,
Bitch bad like J-Lo,

Got a 36 purly white and I ain't talking Colgate
Hands hurt from counting, pardon me while I rotate
They can't help it and I can't blame them,
Since I got famous, bitch, just for talking the blow,
Getting it in,

As soon as the bag come, I'm buying the 10,
Talking the blow, blow-oh oh oh, blow-oh, oh,..
Bitch still talking the blow oh, oh, oh, blow-oh, oh, oh,
Bitch still talking the blow
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