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Jeezy Lyrics

She Know Lyrics
[Pre-Hook - Jeezy:]
I see you got your shit together
That's the type of shit that I pursue
And I can see you're bout your business baby
I can tell by your shoes
Now I'd like for you to meet somebody
[?] yourself that you never knew
Swear to god, have an out of body
She know what this dick'll do

[Hook x4:]
She know what this dick'll do
She know what this dick'll do
She know what this dick'll do
She knows

Have you looking broad day with a flashlight baby
Have you knowing who to call to get this head right baby
She want this dick right now I'm like damn right baby
Let me hit you back, I'm tryna get this sack right baby
F*ck what you heard, I'm bout that action
What that mouth do, I am bout that [?]
Pull up go to work baby, right up in your workplace
Make you turn around, bend it over in your workspace
F*cking with a real ass, [?], ghetto ass, high class
Bottle of Chardonnay and a blunt ho
In one hit this'll f*ck your whole life up
Tryna told you this ain't really what you want though


[Hook x4]

[Kevin Gates:]
Got your shit together, body of a dancer
Instructor of the [?] of his classes
I'm getting tired of staring at you when you passing
Old school, leave my number on a napkin
I'm kinda cool, if I was you I would get at me
I don't get tired, I'm thinking bout you all the time
Want to bend you over backwards, want to pin you to my mattress
Bite your bottom lip and then remove all of your fabric
His voice kind of soft, he not like Kevin Gates
Always got his goons with him, he don't make you feel safe
Hold your hand out in public, when we walking in the mall
Out to eat, we go wherever they respect that I'm a dog
On the floor, ain't no messing up the bed springs
Legs spread, bout to do you like some hot wings
Scratching on my back while I'm working out your hamstrings
Double cup a drink, blowing grape to the bat cave


[Hook x4]
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