Stay Strapped (Gucci Mane Diss) Lyrics by Jeezy

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Stay Strapped (Gucci Mane Diss) Lyrics
Chea, I'm in tha streets ernite nigga I'm in tha club ernight nigga, I don't see these f*ck niggas mane these niggas talkin thru records mane, I don't argue wit niggas on records I told ya f*ck boy, know what it is wit me mane, you niggas proteen gangstas mane, know what I'm sayin, always said u was gonna sign yoself or kill yaself nigga, well you just committed suicide BITCH ima let you know that too, ey, lets get it!!!!

Snowman bitch, 19 5 apiece, cuz when you take em out tha rap
They as white as ya teeth
Keep choppas on deck stay ready for beef, Lil nigga scared shitless
He can even sleep, now you already know what dem ks will do
I'll have dem pussy nigga scared to stand next to you
Nigga talkin all tough, steady hidin an shit
Even his own mama know
Radric Davis a bitch!!! (yeeeeeaaaaah)
To be honest nigga theres nothin gucci about cha
You pussy nigga everythangs coochie about cha
See straight thru ya nigga, yous a plastic rapper
Nigga all on my dick, wheres tha magnum rapper
Murdered em on black tee killed em on icey
Nigga my biggest fan, don't he sound just like me
Gassed ya ass up, yeah dey played ya nigga
So I'ma take ya back apart cuz I made ya nigga
H.B. bought ya car H.B. bought ya chain,
Left him then that fat nigga did the same thang
No loyalty ya jump click to click, he's a rappin prostitute he jump dick to dick
I'M SO ICEEEY!!!! An your not icey at all, ya jewlery look like it came out th middle
of the mall, this is eskimo shit, lil nigga yous a snow cone!
Ya in over ya head pocket book boy go home!
12 carrots 2 stones 100,000 a set, my muthaf*ckin ears ain't forgave me yet
Dat old ass rolex ya six years behind me,
I got the streets drunk ya six beers behind me,
you was dreamin bout bread nigga I had the money
Sign ya whole life away for dodge magnum money
Still got 92, 93, 94 money, rappin ass nigga, you just gettn show money
King of decatur? I thought you was from burmingham
Shouldn't have asked for it, you know you don't want it man
I got family in the ville, an its CRIP in the Macktown

Stay strapped (stay strapped) Pussy nigga try to play me
I'ma bust his muthaf*ckin head on GP (stay strapped)
Let a pussy run up on me keep a carbon15 an dem choppas on me (stay strapped)

1 thang about it 2 thangs fa sho 3 thangs for certain mane
Know you a bitch ass nigga, nigga
Know yous a hoe nigga, yall take dat nigga back Central State he gone crazy again
Bitch ass nigga talkin all tough runnin hidin an shit nigga
Know yous a f*ckboy, we know you gay nigga
Get on ex pill jump in the shower wit ya homeboys
What you think I ain't know nigga? Yeah I know all bout dat nigga
Know hoe H.B. had buy yo bitch ass drawers cuz u couldn't afford em nigga
Runnin round talkin bout you icey an shit now u done got wit some f*ckniggas
And you tough now nigga, I know you a bitch nigga
Just like ill slap yo bitch ass like dem niggas did in Jazzy Ts nigga
You bitchass nigga, f*cknigga wearin jerry curls in ya sophomore year
Nigga yous a hoe nigga we know bout you nigga
What you made cuz I outshine you in ya video f*ckboy you couldn't take it no more nigga?
Can't assassinate my character nigga I ain't actin
Nigga dat ain't a real Jacob either you f*ck ass nigga
Jacob said he did not make dat watch, so you need get dat at em real talk
An I'ma show you my G like my crippin like nigga
Any nigga clamin wat I claim nigga n dat nigga come thru ya city or town nigga, handle dat nigga da nigga hidin from me dawg, nigga talkin all tough runnin hidin n shit nigga, real talk nigga and I want dat muthaf*ckin bullshit ass icey chain, cuz you need to take dat monkey shit off you embarrassin us niggs
Matter fact, real talk nigga, I got a bounty on dat shit nigga
10 stacks nigg you know jeezy pay nigga
I know dat shit ain't worth dat much but Imma turn it back in, cause the nigga embarrassin us cuz
So if you see him walkin you just happen to snatch dat muthaf*cka off his neck,
Or knock dat muthaf*cka off his neck, when I come to ya town shoot it to me an I'ma shoot ya 10 stacks man so we can creamate dat muthaf*ck know wat I'm sayn
Dat shit bullshit nigga
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