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The Realest Lyrics
We the realest
Can't you tell the difference
All my niggas icy we some cold head snakes
Nigga we the realest
Cocaine with me, we really with the business
All ya niggas know the business
Nigga she the realest
She don't call it stripping
She just say she getting money with the bitches
Nigga she the realest
She is independent, she would only bust it open for a real nigga
And niggas know we the realest

Y'all niggas know wassup
(Wassup [x4])
I'm YG, call me Richie's rich's
I ain't spend shit, I'ma be rich as f*ck
Y'all bitches know wassup
(Wassup [x4])
Got 7 inches in my pants, come home with me girl I'ma go ham
Lemme show ya how I'm the realest
I put on my niggas
And I'm good in every city
Yeah pull up with the semi
I'm the realest, I don't want shit nigga
F*ck you and your handout
I'd rather get it on my own
So If I ever lose it I know how to make them bands bounce back
I'm the realest, pull off in that Porsche, with no [?]
Strap all on my lap
If I get pulled over, my nigga take the case, he the realest
Damn that nigga need a house on the hills where I feel like that
She coming call me over to f*ck
I f*ck, I nut, I leave, she think


Rock so loud, I'm bout to go deaf
White and black store, bout to go rep
Its cold out here, I got 4 heats
Hog game here now got 4 seats
I'm in that double r with the AK
Straight [?] a nigga shit like Mayday
Pull up in the shit with [?] door
And you know I can't forget bout the meat floor
Steady f*ck round me if you the police
Pink slips shawty baby no lease
I'm the type of nigga flip packs
Go count that paper like a therapy
You the type of nigga on some bullshit
Money always show, nigga [?]
You can ask the nigga from my whole block
Like the best [?]
You on your real nigga shit, pulling kick door
Every nigga know me, know I'm skit so
I'm the type of mothaf*cka wake up early in the morning
Cook a couple chickens up, no Crisco
Show em 4 or 5 [?] like the backstreet niggas
4, 5 choppas on the backseat nigga
Nigga talking like they guess they athlete nigga
F*ck round [?] to try me nigga

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