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The flow is back ya boy is too
Take em back to 93 make one

The flow is back ya boy is too
Take em back to 93 make one brick two
A 62 get ya 125 and 18 O's will get you a whole pie
250 will get ya a H town
For all you slow niggas thats a half a brick
9 times 2 now I'm multiplyin
Run through the change now I'm doin addition
Drought season niggas tamperin wit it
Take em apart put em back together
Zip lock the work rubber band the bread
We used to eat government cheese now I stack craft instead whats up

A day in a life
A life in a day
I can spend what you spend in your whole life in a day
And do the same thing tomorrow
And the day after that
A million dollars ain't shit to spend
I get some more work and do it again
You are listenin to the hardest if not the smartest
Now its 8 balls when I play softball
The snitches keep score
The feds reffin the game
The district attourneys more like the umpire
Conspiracy charge they just lookin for a reason
Three strikes your out won't be a next season

In my world niggas plot niggas scheme
Wanna know what I'm worth
Make em guess like the jeans
Too much poppin will getcha ass tied up
Your man turned state now his ass wired up
My plug get em in but he speak no English and I speak no Spanish but still we manage
Money is a universal language
But a thou in the hood'll make a young nigga famous
And my driver he stay tourin
Droppin off gifts they call the boy saint nick
Mr. 17.5 killem soft like Lauren
Twelve carats in my ears and my whips be foreign whats up
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