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Wit Me Lyrics
I'mma ball till I fall, till you haters come get me
Do one for my nigga, drive the Chevy like a Bentley
Speed limit a buck twenty, but he doing two fifty
Top down, money up, what he screaming? F*ck with me
F*ck with me, f*ck with me (let's get this money)
F*ck with me, f*ck with me (let's get this money)
You know I used to drive my Chevy like a Bentley
If you talking bout your money my nigga f*ck with me

F*ck with a nigga, yeah ain't shit changed
In something half a ticket, top down, switching lanes
Still living sucker free, you know how I feel about lames
Had to drop a few niggas, y'all ain't feeling my pain
I see envy in their eyes I see jealousy in their hearts
I ain't see em when I was hiding 8 balls in the yard
[?] chest, posted up in the trenches
Talking with the tools, yeah the hammers and the riches
Got the ground up, [?] when I'm in traffic
Putting on a show, when you done nigga I'm clapping
I mix with water with the yola, arm hammer, make [?]
You think you're paid a lot, wait until you hear the motor


Wrap it up, delta dash, Ziploc, it's a [?]
Got one question for you, nigga where them rubber bands at
Niggas talking that rich shit, I'm tryna be wealthy
Be around the spinach so that's why I'm eating healthy
Yeah we eating good, whole foods, no rice boy
32 millimeter, see it no ice boy
I'm living like I'm bullet proof, Makaveli ricochet
Life served me lemons nigga, so I made some lemonade
All because I sold a little raw together, yeah that notebook
Got these motherf*ckers acting like they really know you
That was 04, ain't nothing stay the same
Tunnel vision to the money longer than a train

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