Jimmy Buffett - Boomerang Love Lyrics

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Boomerang Love Lyrics
Hole in the wind behind the island
Big blue hole in the middle of my heart
I can't forget the time we spent together
I can't remember how long
How long we've been apart

Be ridin' on this boomerang love circling fast
hard to see in a sky so vast
Laugh till you cry, cry till you smile
Up and down all around
Boomerang boomerang
Boomerang love

Now we both know, we're now in different orbits
Different islands, different worlds
Though we really are the same
I'm just glad, glad we started talking
Finally realize no one is to blame


We've been riding on a boomerang love
can't let go
Running fast, movin' slow
What's the right way, who is to say
Tension and suspension
On a boomerang boomerang love
Boomerang boomerang love

Big blue hole out in the ocean
Where I dive straight down until
I can not see
Feel my way through a bevy of solutions
There I realize the answer lies in me

Gettin' off of this boomerang love
Comin' up for air
Do what's right do what's fair
Come what may, we'll find a way
No more tension and suspension
No more boom boom
Boomerang love

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