Jimmy Buffett - Fool Button Lyrics

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Fool Button Lyrics
I woke up in a strange room
That I'd never seen before
Weird paintings on the wall
And mirrors on the ceiling
I bolted for the door.

Looking for my rent-a-car
Was the Cordoba blue or red
Tryin' to remember where I put the keys
Tryin' to remember what I said.

I pushed the fool button
My night went haywire
I pushed the fool button
Set my brain on fire.

Now I was sittin' in the corner of a very laid back bar
A little three piece band playin' on the stand
Not knowin' what lay in store
In a flash a man with a hat and a harmonica stormed the stage
The crowd went berserk, the band said, "What a jerk."
As he went into a blues rampage.

It was a fool palace
Double knit on parade
They pushed the fool button
As the skinny boy played and played
Push it, push it, push it.

I try to make a point of protecting the innocent
But none of them can be found
I can happen anytime
It can happen any place
It can happen in your own hometown/

And if you don't believe my words
Or think my story's true
Get a bottle of rum and an Eskatrol
And watch the same thing happen to you.

We'll push the fool button
I'll meet you in the bar
We'll push the fool button
Where everyone's a star.

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