Jimmy Buffett - I Want To Go Back To Cartagena (Spanish Version) Lyrics

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I Want To Go Back To Cartagena (Spanish Version) Lyrics
I want to go back to Cartagena
I want to sail to the south right away
I need to hear vallenatos a la Victrola
Time if you haven't noticed is
Still wasting away

Quiero perderme en la Habana
I long to walk down the wise Malecon
Quiero hablar con los pescadores
Y oler las flores
And drive in a '56 Caddy right into the dawn

What am I doin'? Deja vu'in'
Just singing and swearing
And wearing my traveling clothes
What am I sayin'? Can't imagine not playin'
Just show me the way to the bar and
A nomad who knows

I have to get back to Ushuaia
The southern constellations
Are calling to me
I need to dance a midnight tango
Hear some Django
There's a boat waiting there
Bound for the far Tasman Sea

I want to go back to Cayo Hueso
Quiero ver la puesta del sol junto a ti
I want to dance with circus gypsies
Talk with hippies
Where the past and the future
Still walk down that same sandy street
The importance of elsewhere
Is still that important to me

Oh yeah, te quiero [?] importante que eres para mi

I want to go back to Cartagena
Jimmy, I love you
Fanny Lu, I love you too

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