Jimmy Buffett - She's Going Out Of My Mind Lyrics

Jimmy Buffett Lyrics

She's Going Out Of My Mind Lyrics
I talk to her picture
And stare at the wall
And my friends come and offer their help
To my back they're afraid I'm losing it all
To my face they say I'm not myself
And they name all the doctors they think I should see
But they don't understand it's not me

She's going out of my mind
And I'm showing all the signs
I thought that our love was one of a kind
Now she's going out of my mind

The place that I've kept her
Has suited her well
Though it's not where she wanted to be
And from up on that pedestal I couldn't tell
That she'd rather be down here with me
Now she just tells me how we can't relate
But she leaves out the part that I can't take


There's a tear in her eye as they drive me away
And I turn to the doctors and say...


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