Jimmy Buffett - Slack Tide Lyrics

Jimmy Buffett Lyrics

Slack Tide Lyrics
I've got a fish on the line
But there won't be a feast
We've got too much in common
And he shall be released
I've seen day turn to night
And watched the changin' of seasons
Things don't just happen
They happen for a reason

Maybe we'll meet in Exuma
Or down in the Keys
If I catch the right current
Or capture a breeze
Out here conflicts and chaos completely subside
Sailin' back to where I came from
Back to slack tide

Well I think it's time to put some snorkels on
Turn your feet into flippers
Have some primal fun
Dance with a stranger in a Mardi Gras parade
Find an empty hammock, take a nap in the shade

You can't hold back the moon
Can't stop the ebb and flow
The water still comes and the water still goes
It turns mountains to sand
Gave ole Noah his big ride
Then he dropped off his passengers
Down, at slack tide

I can't control anybody
Other than myself
Leave those half empty thoughts
High up on the shelf
If you cut me some slack
I'll return the favor
Open that bottle of fine rum
That together, we will savor

Well we could use some quiet
We could use a little calm
Find the good in everybody
Share that "one love" balm
Watch the predators and prey
Swim along side by side
'Neath the blue sky and mangroves
Down, at slack tide

I wish the whole wide world could swim along, at slack tide

Swim along, swim along, swim along, swim along, at slack tide
Swim along, swim along, swim along, swim along

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