Jimmy Buffett - The Devil I Know Lyrics

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The Devil I Know Lyrics
Three in the morning came without a warning
Wound up with some old buccaneers
Tellin' lies about the time I won the Nobel Prize
Guess who bought all the beers
Well, you'd think I'd have tamed my old dragons by now
I've always tried to be a good scout
But every now and then they come swoopin' in
Saying Bubba, it's time to go out

Now it's fun to wake up in a strange chateau
After racing round Paris in a Deux Chevaux
My wingman's crashing but I'm not flying solo
'Cause he traded places with the devil I know
Devil I know, devil I know

Well life can be confusing but things need excusin'
To separate the turns from the twists
If I had a Richter scale for spouting forked tales
We'd all be high on that shit list

Well the hitch to living hard is when you drop your guard
And wind up in a headline or a cell
Then compromise or worse apologize
Welcome to the world of sinkin' spells

Messing with my mind was fun at the time
Tossing to and fro in a tricky undertow
Deviants and derelicts, lurking high and low
Ridin' shotgun with the devil I know
Devil I know, devil I know

There were times, there were places
We played near and far
From the old Anchor Inn to the Suez Canal bar
From the Kraken to Manhattan
Le Select to Old Saigon
Mojitos in Havana
Timbuktu 'til dawn

Three in mornin', feral cats are yawnin'
Full moon sinking in the bay
Spoonbills in flight, oh what a sight
As I sip on my café au lait
Well the birds got me thinkin'
'Bout going day drinkin', a hall pass to be the old me
Don't need hops and barley to throw a little party
Senorita una mas iced tea

Hell it's fun to go fishing on a new slack tide
Wake up living life on the flip side
Them dragons ain't gone, but they're fading like an old tattoo
Lots of mystery in the history of the devils I knew
Devils I knew, devils I knew

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