Jimmy Buffett - Who Gets to Live Like This Lyrics

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Who Gets to Live Like This Lyrics
There are waves outside my window
There are airplanes in the sky
There are ships on the horizon
And a beach always nearby
Fish tacos on the table, no surfer can resist
How did I get this lucky
Tell me who, gets to live like this

I left my inhibitions
Receding with the tide
Talking with the turtles
Lying side by side
Seeking wiser counsel
On a girl I can't resist
Pass the seaweed salad, tell me
Who, gets to live like this

Singing for money, playin' for fun
How did I wind up in this band on the run
Wake it up, make it up, shake it up, take it up
There's more ways than one
Jack of all trades, master of none

With fortune, or without it
For paydays, or for free
More latitudes than attitudes
More everyone, and less me
Just knowing what is possible
Is the ring you don't want to miss
I'm happy to inform you
That we, get to live like this
That we, all get to live this
Live like this

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