Jimmy Buffett - Who's The Blonde Stranger? Lyrics

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Who's The Blonde Stranger? Lyrics
Nothing like this way out in west Texas
Galveston Bay is a whole other world
My wife's in her room getting over her sunburn
How would Louis Lamore get me next to that girl?

She tells me her tan is the same way all over
She asks me to dance and says, "Keep your boots on"
She never met a number one cowboy
We rolled in the sand and drank rum until dawn

Who's the blonde stranger"
Who entered my life"
Making me over on the moonlight
This side of Texas is all new to me
Who's the blonde stranger who lives by the sea?

I stayed up all night and for me that's the first time
Sneak in the room just as cool as I can
Pull back the sheets and the bed is all empty
Except for a note left by some guy named Dan

My head got all light and the room started spinning
I stepped outside just to get some fresh air
Out on a wave was my own darling Lola
And some pretty boy with bleach in his hair

Who's the blonde stranger out there with my wife?
What were they doing in the moonlight?
This side of Texas is all new to me
Who are these strangers who live by the sea?

Back on the ranch and everything's normal
Beach blanket bingo comes on the TV
We talk in our sleep and then the next morning
I ask her who's Dan and she asks who's Marie?

Who's the blonde stranger, etc

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