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From the Album Just Across The River (2010) (buy at amazon.com)
Just Across The River
Oklahoma Nights
Wichita Lineman
If You See Me Getting Smaller
P.F. Sloan
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Cowboy Hall Of Fame
Where Words End
I Was Too Busy Loving You
It Won't Bring Her Back
Do What You Gotta Do
All I Know

From the Album Twilight Of The Renegades (2005) (buy at amazon.com)
Twilight Of The Renegades
Paul Gauguin In The South Seas
Why Do I Have To Make You Say You Love Me
Class Clown
Spanish Radio
Time Flies
How Quickly
High Rent Ghetto
She Moves And Eyes Follow
Just Like Marylin
No Signs Of Age

From the Album Ten Easy Pieces (1996) (buy at amazon.com)
Ten Easy Pieces
Wichita Lineman
The Moon's A Harsh Mistress
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
If These Walls Could Speak
Didn't We
Worst That Could Happen
All I Know
MacArthur Park

From the Album Suspending Disbelief (1993) (buy at amazon.com)
Suspending Disbelief
Too Young To Die
I Don't Know How To Love You Anymore
Elvis And Me
It Won't Bring Her Back
Sandy Cove
Friends To Burn
What Does A Woman See In A Man?
Postcard From Paris
Just Like Always
I Will Arise

From the Album Angel Heart (1982) (buy at amazon.com)
Angel Heart
Angel Heart
God's Gift
One Of The Few
Scissors Cut
Work For A Dollar
His World
Our Movie
Nasty Love
In Cars
Old Wing Mouth

From the Album El Mirage (1977) (buy at amazon.com)
El Mirage
If You See Me Getting Smaller
Mixed-Up Guy
Christiaan No
Moment In A Shadow
Where The Universes Are
P.F. Sloan
Dance To The Radio
The Moon's A Harsh Mistress
Skylark (A Meditation)

From the Album Land's End (1974) (buy at amazon.com)
Land's End
Ocean In His Eyes
Feet In The Sunshine
Lady Fits Her Blue Jeans
Just This One Time
Crying In My Sleep
It's A Sin
Alyce Blue Gown
Land's End / Asleep On The Wind

From the Album Letters (1972) (buy at amazon.com)
Campo De Encino
Love Hurts
Hurt Me Well
Once In The Morning
Song Seller
When Can Brown Begin

From the Album And So: On (1971) (buy at amazon.com)
And So: On
Met Her On A Plane
All Night Show
All My Love's Laughter
One Lady
If Ships Were Made To Sail
Pocketful Of Keys
See You Then

From the Album Words And Music (1970) (buy at amazon.com)
Words And Music
Sleepin' In The Daytime
P.F. Sloan
Love Song
Careless Weed
Psalm One-Five-O
Music For An Unmade Movie: Song Seller
Music For An Unmade Movie: Dorothy Chandler Blues
Music For An Unmade Movie: Jerusalem
Three Songs: Let It Be Me / Never My Love / I Wanna Be Free
Once Before I Die

Other Songs:
Fallow Way
Up, Up And Away

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