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Jordan Davis Lyrics

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From the Album Bluebird Days (2023) (buy at
Bluebird Days

From the Album Next Thing You Know (2023) (buy at
Next Thing You Know
Next Thing You Know

From the Album What My World Spins Around (2022) (buy at
What My World Spins Around
What My World Spins Around

From the Album Buy Dirt (2021) (buy at
Buy Dirt
Blow Up Your TV
Buy Dirt
Need To Not
Drink Had Me
Lose You
Almost Maybes
I Still Smoked

From the Album Almost Maybes (2020) (buy at
 Almost Maybes
Almost Maybes

From the Album Home State (2019) (buy at
Home State
Take It From Me
Going 'Round
More Than I Know
Slow Dance In A Parking Lot
Singles You Up
Tough To Tie Down
Made That Way
So Do I
Dreamed You Did
Leaving New Orleans

From the Album Singles You Up (2018) (buy at
Singles You Up
Singles You Up

Jordan Davis Info:

Davis was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and began playing guitar when he was twelve years old. His uncle, Stan Paul Davis, wrote Tracy Lawrence's hit singles "Today's Lonely Fool" and "Better Man, Better Off", and his brother Jacob is also a country music singer.

“Music was around so much, it was just part of our everyday life,” Jordan says. In fact, because music was always around, Davis hadn’t really thought about it as a career possibility.
He majored in resource conservation at LSU in Baton Rouge and thought he would pursue a job that would protect the world’s physical attributes. “Conserving the beauty of what makes the country so awesome is important,” he says. “It’s easy to think that it’s gonna be here forever, when really we need to take care of it. Louisiana’s losing land as it is – you know, the state’s disappearing year by year – so it’s definitely a passion of mine.” But so was music. After his graduation from LSU, Jordan got an entry-level environmental job, but he spent plenty of time dreaming of Nashville, where his older brother had already moved to become a songwriter. Jordan periodically sent unfinished songs to his brother, and when Jacob played one for a music executive, he urged Jordan to come to Music City.

Davis' debut single, "Singles You Up", came out in mid-2017. Mike Thiel of Taste of Country reviewed the song with favor, praising the use of internal rhyme and calling it an "easygoing singalong".

"Singles You Up" peaked at #24 on Billboard's Hottest Country 100 on January 20, 2018. -Wikipedia-,

Birth name:
Jordan Davis


Shreveport, Louisiana



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