Extravaganza Lyrics by Kanye West

Kanye West Lyrics

Extravaganza Lyrics
Jamie Fox, featuring Kanye West

First Verse:

Last night me and my dogs was hanging out
Tired of being cramped up in the house
We were simply celebrating life
Off from work today, so it's all right
But all those ups and downs, turned me in a twist
Started dancing with this model chick
Then every record became our favorite song
And that is all that I remember


Cuz I had one too many drinks
And ended up at the Embassy
With this pretty little thing, from Memphis Tennessee
It was a one night extravaganza

Second Verse:

When I woke up from last night's "salvatry"
Baby doll was laying next to me
Shoes and clothes was scattered every where
I got dress and got up out of there
But not before I call for me a cab
Hung over from all the drinks I had
And now I'm telling my story to you
Every thing that I remember

Repeat Chorus: 2x


Extravaganza, Extravaganza
Only was an extravaganza
Yes, it was
The things that I remember

Kanye West's Rap:
(And I remember)
Being at the bar
Trying to ask what that Hpyno hit fo'
Knowing that I can't afford to get mo'
Here's a broke n**** trick
Buy one bottle and sip slow
Or, or leave the club now
Do like I did
Come back when you get dough
A fish stick n****
Now we messing with lobsters
We messing with Grammies
We messing with Oscars
You messing with that dranky drank
Plus you puffing on the stanky stank
In the morning, you g'on draw a blank
The hotel said that y'all was on one
My girl wasn't on shit
I picked the wrong one
Steady talking about I ain't like them other girls
Well tonite, I'm trying to find them other girls
Bring they own rubber girl
Neva meet 'cha mother girl
You know they love it, when you love them
And they tell they friends, girrrllllll

Repeat Chorus: 2x

ad libs:
Kanye West - "You know, they're going to blame it on the drink"
"You know, that's just an excuse to do exactly what you want to do."
"J. Fox, Kanye to the"
"And the winners are"
"That's BSP, baby"
"There's a lot of Black Star Power in the room right now"
"Easy" "Easy" "Be very easy"
"Calm down, please"

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