I'm So Appalled Lyrics by Kanye West

Kanye West Lyrics

I'm So Appalled Lyrics
I'm so appalled, Spalding ball, ballin
Donald Trump takin dollars from ya'll
Baby you're fired, your're girlfriend hired
But if you don't mind I'm a keep you on call
We above the law we don't give a f*ck bout ya'll
I got dogs that'll chew a f*ckin hole through the wall
But since they all love us I need more rubbers
And if I don't use rubbers need more covers
Housekeeping I mean goddamn one time let it be a bad bitch sweeping
That know we get O's like tibios
That know because they seen us in the videos
That know the day that you play me'll be the same day MTV play videos
That was a little joke wha-lah
Praises due to the most high Allah
Praises due to the most fly Prada
Baby I'm magic ta-da!
Address me as your highness, high as United
Thirty thousand feet up and you are not invited
Niggas be writin bullshit like they gotta work
Niggas is goin through real shit man they outta work
That's why I never goddamn dance track that'll hurt
That's why I rather spit somethin that got a purk
Champagne wishes, thirty white bitches
I mean the shit is f*ckin ridiculous
F*ckin ridiculous, I mean the shit is f*ckin ridiculous
F*ckin ridiculous, I mean the shit is f*ckin ridiculous
My name on a high line, writin cross the skyline
Lookin at my Rollie motherf*cker it's my time
By the way what a way to act with the Mau Tais
We the black dynasty these the days of our lives
Hatin from the sidelines, givin you the guidelines

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