Paranoid (Party Rock Remix) Lyrics by Kanye West

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Paranoid (Party Rock Remix) Lyrics
Tell me right now. Do you really wanna spend your whole life alone? A little time out might do you good, might do us good, before we be done for good. Cause I can make it good, I can make it hood, I can make you come, I can make you go. I can make it high, can make it fly make it touch the sky, HEY maybe so. All the time you be up in my checkin threw my cell phone baby no. You wanna kill the vibe on another night heres another fight. (OH here we go. [x8])


Why are you so paranoid. [x2]
Why are why are you so paranoid?

They said that drum machines ain't got no soul. They said rap was a fad, but it's suprassed rock and roll. Yea my jeans are tight, & my hoes is white. And they play my song in the club erraynight. We done lit the fuse. We don't fcken blew. Blame on the goose, but don't blame it on the au-au-auto tunes.


Tight pants party rock shirt. she on my jock no need to flirt. Haters mad say I look funny(oh). But how you look funny with a pocket fulla money? (can't do it.) Stay grillin I'm a stay chillin. Shots all around when a Niggguh in the building. Party rock album in sto. Get one for your mama, get one for your hoeeeeeee.

{It's the jump off}

Why are you so paranoid? [x2] Why are, why are you so paranoid?

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