What It Is Lyrics by Kanye West

Kanye West Lyrics

What It Is Lyrics
Uh I don't need no lil ass,
I need a ghetto ass girl
With a lil car that can make a car sound with lil gas
I know when we first met you was a lil gassed
But you want to keep you swag
So you was holding back
Yo lil brother love me
He say Yeezy got some fresh clothes
Yo grandmother love me
Cause I always dress in dress clothes
I can switch your dress code
Change your life like presto
I am like that Aston Martin engine you just press go
Why you acting like you ain't impressed for
Oh... See while you listen to the press tho
I ain't finna explain my life on no Larry King
Cause when I showed her that thing
She said that explains everything, everything
That just changed ecerything
Yeezy on her name ring
Yeezy where her chain bling
Yea I throw a Barrack
But baby you get my vote
Love a ghetto girl with more ass than the models
See I did the the screwed up shyt myself
I ain't put no effect no, you know
Ey, Ey, Ey, gunna gunna thump thump
When I thump them thump old game
I can thump thump somethin do somethin till they sold me
Turn this b**ch to a soul train
I'm a get a thump with the old stain
Wanna just slap that cold king
Like a cold king someone who just sound like okay, okay
I get it I pound it I spit it now I'm throwing off

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