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The Handsome Cabin Boy Lyrics
It's of a pretty female as you may understand
Her mind been bent for rambling into some foreign land
She dressed herself in sailor's clothes, or so it does appear
And she hired with a captain to serve him for a year

Her cheeks they were like roses and her hair all in a curl
The sailors often smiled and said he looked just like a girl
But eating all the captain's biscuit her colour did destroy
And the waist did swell of pretty Nell, the handsome cabin boy

It was in the Bay of Biscay her gallant ship did plow
One night among the sailors was a fearful floorin' row
They tumbled from their hammocks, for their sleep it did destroy
And they swarmed about the groanin' of the handsome cabin boy

"Oh doctor, dear. Oh doctor," the cabin boy did cry
"The time has come -- I am undone, and I will surely die"
The doctor come a'runnin' and a'smilin' at their fun --
To think a sailor lad should have a daughter or a son

The sailors when they saw the joke, they all did stand and stare
The child belonged to none of them, they solemnly did swear
And the captain's wife she says to him, "My dear I wish you joy
For 'tis either you or me's betrayed the handsome cabin boy"

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