Kathy Troccoli Lyrics

Kathy Troccoli Lyrics

From the Album Love Has A Name (2000) (buy at amazon.com)

Break My Heart

From the Album Corner Of Eden (1998) (buy at amazon.com)

Different Road
He Will Make a Way

From the Album Love And Mercy (1997) (buy at amazon.com)

I Call Him Love
How Would I Know
He'll Never Leave Me
All Glory to God
Call Out to Me
Help Me God

From the Album Sounds Of Heaven (1995) (buy at amazon.com)

I Will Choose Christ
That's How Much I Love You
Go Light Your World
Sounds Of Heaven
I'm Gonna Fight For You
Each Moment
Fill My Heart
Missing You

Other Songs:
If I'm Not In Love
My Life Is In Your Hands

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