Low (The Real Version) Lyrics by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

Low (The Real Version) Lyrics
Everybody's talking, but they don't say a thing, they look at me with
sad eyes by I don't want the sympathy. It's cool you didn't want me,
sometimes you can't go back, but why did you go and make a mess
like that. I just have to say before I let go....

Have you ever been low?
Have you ever had a man that let you down so,
When the truth came out,
You were the last to know,
Where you left out in the cold,
Cuz what you did was low

No I don't need your number, there's nothing left to say, even though
I never new it hurt this much to be saved. My friends are outside wait-
ing. I gotta go....

Corse sing 2x

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