Heaven & Hell Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Lyrics

Heaven & Hell Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Niggas hatin', bitches hatin' babies dyin', bullets flyin'
Helicopters, police sirens, preachers lying
Genocism, criticism, unemployment, racism, burning buildings
Aids victims, cancer killin' no cure
Oil spillin', turmoil, poverty stricken
Police brutality kickin' ass of us Africans, hostages in afghanistan, not to mention another prison
Child molesting, cow intestines, botox injection
Earth quakes that's government tested, secret society weapon
Opium plat manifested then turn to crack then invested amongst us blacks just a message to hold us back
Break depression amongst iraq, no direction no google map
Just a tec for the soowoop swervin, izuzu then blah blah blah, adolescents go coocoo, mothers are boohoo crying
The governor keeps us starvin', these commercials keep us buyin', these cigarettes supermarkets fill up our liver with triumph
Distincted livin' with science, no place to live in, no Zion, see that's forbidden, we fryin'
My nigga what it look like? That's exactly what Hell look like

Tell it like it is nigga, tell it like it is homeboy
Tell it like it is nigga, tell it like it is, tell them whatsup!

[Verse 2:]
Malcolm laughing, Martin laughing, Biggie spittin', Pac is rapping, Gregory cappin', people signing, bells is ringing, children playing, angels praying, 14 carrot golden streets, cali greens, red wine, potato yams, turkey legs, calling every human being...

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