Night Of The Living Junkies Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Lyrics

Night Of The Living Junkies Lyrics
I remember, uhh
When my uncles
Served smokers
On Alondra
In front of our building, they was my heroes

This shit is so dope, you might wanna be my crackhead
This shit is so dope, you might wanna be my crackhead
Bad bitches, crackheads
Street niggas, crackheads
This shit is so dope, you might wanna be my crackhead

[Verse 1:]
Uhh, and that's scary to me
Dope beat, dope flow
Vary to me
Especially when Soundwave is on his P's
Nigga cue me in I'm a Peruvian drug lord
Don't fast forward I'm a serve you some keys
This is crack co-caine, I'm Kurt Co-bain
And I bang like a C-R-I-P, P-I-R-U high you I'm a I-V
(This shit is so dope, you might wanna be my crack-)
I said a I-V cause when I be in the studio, I shot
A needle in your veins, take it in vain or itch till your eyeballs pop
I'm cold on the cold turkey
I hate chickens but I do f*ck pretty birdies
Where your girl at?
Over the Pyrex, where my world at


[Verse 2:]
Uhh, and it's scary to me
Every listener is a strawberry to me
You pussies ain't shit but venereal disease
Z's on K. Dot? Uh-uh better wake up
A nightmare, I'm right there like a Siamese
-Twin, when, you mothaf*ckas gon' learn?
Curl up like Big Worm when I drop
Who fly? I'm a red eye with eye drops
I Big, I Pac
You Chris, I Rock
That's pookie home new jack head first with a cyclops
I'm the first one to do that I bet you never knew that
Back like a tail bone, who you got to tell on?
If ain't about me about ho or be about face if you ain't no higher-learn it
There's soda in the pot on the fire-burn it


[Verse 3:]
Uhh, and it's scary to carry a smooth type flow like a drink of Merlot
That'll freak ya'll out like a girl Virgo
When I turbo on any track it's a Reynold's wrap
And I rap like a nigga who invented rap
Rappin' heat, you can fall defeat if you don't pay ya tolls
Like the limbs on ya feet, I suppose
This is bigger than life
This is probably everybody, Illuminati
Guess I'm the blood sacrifice
Of the party, I undress her like a Harley
Lights will flash, cars will crash
Smoke more junk while the junkies laugh
So my bad if I put you in rehab you are reimbursed put it on my-tab


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